Sunday, April 25, 2010


This Blog is for Swag bucks info.

Well to start off, is a site where you get points to buy stuff. You can get electronics, consoles, video games, Pay pal money, Amazon cards, and more.
This site is NOT a scam. Everything is totally free, and thousands of people use it. You do not need to put any credit car information. All you need to do is put your information for them to send the stuff to you.
Now you ask how do you get points. Well to start off, you can get points just from searching. Instead of using Google, or Yahoo, just use Swagbucks. The search engine is powered by Google and ask, so you will basically get the same search results. But remember to search every 2-3 hours for maximum results. If you spread your searches out, you can get about 1-500 swag bucks a day. DO NOT SEARCH OVER AND OVER, because if do, you will NOT get any swag bucks. This is what you do, search your first 3 for the day on swag bucks. If you get some swag bucks, wait for 2-3 hours and do the same thing. And if you don't do 3 regular searches from somewhere else, and try 3 more from swag bucks.
Nother way to get swagbucks if from referrals. To reffer someone, first, go to "Promote", than "Invite Friends & Earn", you can than enter E-Mail addresses manually, or follow the instructions in "Import Email Address". Whenever you get a refferal, every time they search, when they get points, you get points. But only up to 100 points. But sadly, you can't do this for anything else. So lets do the math, lets say you get 10 refferals. And each of them all get 100 points from searching. 10 x 100 = 1000. So those points add up fast.
***Tip: If you want to get refferals fast try making a youtube video about, and put your refferal link in the discription. To get you referral link, go to "Promote", than "Promote Banners". You should see something that says "Your refferal link is"...
Another way to get swagbucks is to get swagcodes. Swagcodes or promotional codes, that when you enter in the "Gimme" box on the homepage after you sign up, you get swagbucks. These codes really add up, and I can say that from personal experience. To get a code, first you coukd download the Swagbucks toolbar. To do this, go to "Toolbars". Than click download. Follow the instructions and than you will have your toolbar. You can get codes from looking at the "From TSG"(The Swag Guy) tab. If you have any unread messages it will show you once you click on it.
Another way to get swagcodes, is to download the Swagbucks widget or "Swidget". This widget could be posted on a blog or social network. To get a code from it, first press "Swag Codes" than click on "Check if there's a Swag Code". It will give the code, or a clue about where it is.
You can also get codes from reading the blog. You can get the blog from you toolbar. To do this press "SB News". Than on "The Blog". Pick the blog you want. The top shows the latest to the oldest blogs. To get blogs from the home page, go to the homepage, than scroll down until you see "From the Blog". This also shows latest to the oldest blogs from the top to the bottom just like the toolbar.
Another way is to go to This site shows you swag codes, and where to get them.
So after reading all this I bet you want to go sign up for To start off here is my referral link I will give you 3 extra swag bucks to start off with. Here is my link:
Don't worry I search everyday.
Well I guess that's it. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your way to your next swag bucks prize!